Corporate Culture

Value core: innovation, performance, harmony, responsibility

Code of conduct: awe, gratitude, humility, and decency

Core concept: make good use of resources, service construction

Cultural idea: the enterprise is a person, the enterprise depends on the person, the enterprise is human, lets the employee and the enterprise grow together

Four careful: careful life,careful work, careful use of power, careful make friends

Five leaders spirit: learning ability, market awareness, professional standards, professional dedication, ideological realm

Corporate character: environmental protection, public welfare, staff development, world citizen

Humanistic environment: treat people with generosity, handle things with tolerance, environment is loose, affinity and cohesion

Corporate atmosphere: party building culture, corporate culture, honest culture, safety and environmental protection culture,"Integration of four modernizations"

Yaohua spirit: hard work, strict discipline, realistic and innovative, fighting for first-class

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