Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation


China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd. Postdoctoral research station was approved by the ministry of personnel in November, 2000, with the approval number of [2000] 113. It is the first enterprise postdoctoral research station in qinhuangdao. Since its establishment, it has cooperated with Beijing university of chemical technology, Shanghai jiao tong university, sichuan university and yanshan university to train a group of post-doctoral research talents. It has undertaken and completed a number of scientific research projects, such as "review and selection of coal hydrogenation catalysts", "thermodynamic analysis of thermal stress of glass kiln roof melting kiln body", "photocatalytic activation, on-line manufacturing method of self-cleaning glass", etc. Among them, "on-line manufacturing method of photocatalytic activation and self-cleaning glass" is listed as the national "tenth five-year" 863 high-tech project.

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