Engineering Technology Innovation Center


Hebei coated glass technology innovation center, established in February 2019, the approval number is ji ke ping han [2019] no. 4. The center is jointly built by China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd and China bengbu glass industrial design and research institute co., Ltd., with the research focus on the research and design of film layer function, the research and development of coating technology and supporting equipment, and the comprehensive energy-saving and emission reduction technology of coated glass. The main representative achievements of the center are on-line crystal blue coating technology for float glass, on-line low-e coating technology, and on-line easy cleaning coating glass.

The center consists of a director and an engineering and technical committee. The director of the engineering center has 4 institutions: functional film laboratory, coating technology and equipment laboratory, coating glass green production laboratory, analysis and testing room. The engineering technical committee is responsible for r & d direction and r & d guidance. Each room cooperates with the director and the committee to develop the coating process and equipment respectively.

The center through the joint development of low-cost composite film coated glass, glass products green, energy-saving and multi-functional. The application scope of glass will be expanded from the field of ordinary buildings to the field of photovoltaic building integration, new energy, electronic glass and so on. In this way, the transformation and upgrading of traditional glass industry will be realized, and the overall technology of the industry will be promoted to be international and high-end, thus leading the modern consumption trend.

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