The ingredients skills show their talents. Who is the first one?

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-10-27

The batcher is the process of mixing the raw materials into a mixture with a certain humidity and temperature, covering the broken glass uniformly, and sending it to the kiln head silo. It is the first process of glass production and the preparation of batch materials. The quality also directly affects the melting quality and the physical and chemical properties of the glass.

This afternoon, the ingredients operation competition kicked off in the conference room on the third floor of Yaoji Company. 14 contestants appeared neatly and began to win the championship.


The batching competition uses written answers. In order to ensure the fairness and fairness of the competition, after completing 4 required questions, the contestants randomly select 3 questions from 17 questions to answer. These questions are carefully designed in accordance with the actual production. Yes, the skills of employees are very tested. Answering questions requires not only rich experience, but also good psychological quality. Seeing their careful analysis and clear thinking, one by one is indeed prepared! After 120 minutes of hands-on practice exam, Yang Yuzhong from Yaoji Company won the championship, Gao Ruixin of Yaoji Company won the second place, and Zheng Baolin of Hongyao Company and Wang Jianjun of Northern Company tied for third place.


When it comes to champion Yang Yuzhong, everyone knows that he is a good raw material player with a strong sense of responsibility, strong technology and high professionalism. As an ingredient inspector, Yang Yuzhong is aggressive in his daily work, and is willing to work hard. He is not afraid of hardships, and he is not afraid of tiredness. He is dedicated and meticulous in his work, and plays a very good lead role in the ingredients work. He has been engaged in ingredients work for many years. He is responsible for meticulous work and has never made any mistakes.

For a "newcomer" who has just come into contact with the ingredients work, this competition may be a bit difficult. Yao Lei company Cao Lei said: I have been in the raw materials for more than a year. Starting from the most basic ingredients, Marking, calculation of wet and dry measurement, equipment debugging work, etc., every little progress makes me excited. Although I know that the gap between myself and the teachers is relatively large, I still actively sign up for the technical competition, mainly as a chance to learn this technical competition. The accumulated experience of masters and teachers and their down-to-earth working style are examples for young people of our generation to learn.

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