Yaohua Group re-examines, redeploys, and mobilizes epidemic prevention and control

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-02-10

On the morning of January 29, Kaisheng Glass Holding Company held a conference call to implement the requirements of Kaisheng Technology Group and study and deploy the epidemic prevention and control work. The meeting was presided over by Lv Yingcheng, general manager of Kaisheng Glass Holdings, and all units reported on the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation. Kaisheng Technology Group deputy general manager and chief accountant, Kaisheng Glass Holding Company Legal representative Tang Liwei made important instructions. Tang Liwei fully affirmed the measures for epidemic prevention and control and production support actively taken by all units, and required all units to scientifically and rationally organize production under the premise of controlling the risk of the epidemic, to minimize the impact on production, and to make the next stage Five points of instructions: First, all units must strictly follow the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and local governments, and Kaisheng Technology Group, follow closely, implement them in place, and effectively carry out epidemic prevention and control. Second, the chiefs and main leaders of all units shall be stationed at the factory to command and implement the prevention and control responsibilities. The third is to comprehensively inspect unit employees and foreign construction personnel, and strictly implement the registration and reporting system. The fourth is to strengthen publicity and guidance. Based on the official information released, do not believe or spread rumors, and strictly carry out scientific prevention and control in accordance with the knowledge manual for prevention and control of pneumonitis associated with new coronavirus infection. Fifth, in this special period, we must do a good job in safety production and environmental protection to ensure the stable operation of production.

After the conference call of Kaisheng Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. was completed on January 29, in order to further implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and Kaisheng Technology Group, Yaohua Group followed the January 27th conference call The special meeting on epidemic prevention and control and emergency preparedness for production and operation was held again to re-research, redeploy and mobilize related work. Lv Yingcheng, Party Secretary and General Manager of Yaohua Group made arrangements for Yaohua Group's epidemic prevention and control work and emergency preparations for production and operation. The first is to strengthen the management of foreign construction workers. The statistics of foreign construction workers in various units can delay construction as much as possible, and can not be delayed as the management of their own units. The second is to strengthen the management of raw and auxiliary materials. Make a thorough investigation as soon as possible, and accurately count the inventory of raw and auxiliary materials on a daily basis; plan ahead to prevent the supply from being affected by traffic regulations in various places. Third, affected by the delayed start of deep processing enterprises and local traffic control, there is a risk of rapid rise in the product inventory of original film manufacturers in the short term. Effective measures should be formulated in advance to ensure the quality of the inventory products. The fourth is to study and formulate production emergency plans to deal with the emergence of possible situations such as untimely supply of raw materials and isolation of core technical backbones. Fifth, in accordance with the actual situation of each enterprise, the person-in-charge, main leaders and technical backbones of each unit implemented closed management at the factory and formulated detailed classification management measures. Sixth is to do a good job of epidemic statistics report and implement the daily report and zero report system.

Lu Yingcheng emphasized that leaders at all levels should attach great importance to improving their standing, implementing the spirit of the superior's instructions on epidemic prevention and control, and arranging deployments, putting employees' safety and health as the top priority, establishing communication mechanisms, and formulating emergency plans. Don't fight unprepared. While ensuring epidemic prevention and control, the impact on production and losses are minimized.

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