Double ninth day, a long blessing long!

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The double ninth festival, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, is called the double ninth festival. The Confucian view of Yin and Yang after the middle period of the han dynasty had six Yin and nine Yang. Nine is the number of Yang, solid nine is also called "double ninth". This traditional festival since ancient times has been a time for people to climb high and look far, drink and appreciate chrysanthemums and feel homesick. Do you know how the ancient people celebrated the double ninth festival? Today, xiaobian with you to share the ancient writers write the double ninth famous poem!

《September 9 memories of shandong brothers

Tang, wang wei

Being a stranger all alone in a strange land far away

I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival day

I know full well my brothers all would climb up the heights of a mount

Inserting cornus shoots in their hair, they'd all miss one in their count

【 appreciation 】:September 9 memories of shandong brothers" is one of the tang dynasty poet wang wei's famous essays. This is a work by wang wei when he was 17 years old. At that time, wang wei was wandering alone between luoyang and chang 'an. He was from puzhou (now yongji in Shanxi Province), which was to the east of huashan mountain.

This poem describes the feeling of homesickness. At the beginning of the poem, the title of the poem is written about the lonely life in a foreign land, so I miss people from time to time. Then the poem leap and write far home brother, according to the double ninth festival custom and climb, also in the memory of their own. Poetry repeatedly jump, implicit and deep, both simple and natural, and twists and turns. Among them, "every time the festival times homesick" is a famous sentence.


《Drunk flower shade, mist and cloud, sorrow for the rest of the day

Song · li qingzhao

Thick mist and clouds worry for ever,

The golden beast.

The double ninth festival,

Jade pillow cabinet, the middle of the night cool through.

After the wine of the east hedge,

It has fragrant sleeves.

Don't be enchanted,

The curtain rolls the west wind, the person is thinner than the yellow flower!

【 appreciation 】 : in the description of natural scenery, li qingzhao adds his own strong emotional color, so that the objective environment and the inner emotions of the characters are integrated and interwoven. Especially the end of the three sentences, with yellow flower metaphor of people's haggard, to thin implied acacia deep, implicit and deep, the words have done and meaning is infinite, has been widely read.


《hite chrysanthemum on double ninth mat

Don bai juyi

The flower chrysanthemum is golden,

In solitary plexus color hoar frost.

Like a song and dance,

The jackdaw enters the youth market.

【 appreciation 】 : bai juyi this "double ninth mat fu bai ju" poem write novel and chic, the word about and meaning abundant. The whole poem expresses the youthful interest of the poet in spite of his age. Flowers are very interesting.


《· nine days of mulberry

Ching naransex

Late autumn must plug who phase memory, leaves rustling.

Township road, six song pingshan and dream.

Good times cherish the scenery, not to climb.

Only feel soul pin, the south wild goose return more lonely.

【 appreciation 】 : na LAN rong if always tender and exquisite, this que "mulberry seed" but write very succinct magnificent, will border packing autumn scenery and traveler's autumn thought perfectly combine. Just a few dozen words to write through the misery of the world, very neat.


《The double ninth festival

The song dynasty, su shi

And the guest with the pot on the green,

Jianghan autumn shadow wild geese fly,

The world seldom smiles,

Young, chrysanthemum must be inserted full head.

On a festive day,

Yun qiao, don't complain.

Who is not old through the ages,

How much, why cattle more clothes.

【 appreciation 】 :The double ninth is a poem written by su shi, a writer in the northern song dynasty. On the film, describes climbing chrysanthemum, drinking and making merry scene. The second film, write with wine, drinking lyric. The whole word, to the scene into the situation, the situation. Shows su shi to the world, life is short of the mind of calm philosophy.


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