Tug of war

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-01-14

Strength of the competition, the cohesion of the heart, yaohua group to greet the New Year staff tug-of-war competition exciting

"Come on, come on..." Players open appearance, crisscross stood, hands grip rope, only the referee a whistle, the players use the whole body strength, every one cheek red, everyone has their own strength to make the long line, at the same time, each person's heart is tightly together, tenacious fight for the honor of your team.

On the afternoon of January 10, a tug-of-war competition was held in yaohua group to welcome the New Year. There were 10 teams and 100 employees participated in the competition. Yang limin, cao hong and cao Yang, leaders of yaohua group, came to cheer for the players.

"Listen to my password, 1, 2, come on," the scene of the audience all enthusiastic, shouts, cheers a wave higher than a wave, for the game added a beautiful scenery line. A warm and cheerful atmosphere permeated the stadium.

The competition adopts a round robin system, in which each team has to play against the other teams to determine the ranking according to the score. In the final men's group final competition, it is full of "gunpowder", ignited the passion of everyone. For two consecutive years the first north company in the face of the young yao technology company, the two sides into a stalemate, everyone focused on the red scarf, slowly yao technology company players physical advantage appeared, one go, win two sets, finally won the men's group first.

In the women's group competition, the north company went through all the way to eliminate hong hua company, yao technology company and hong yao company, and won the championship in the final won by the government representative team.

After the fierce competition, the team of yaoji company and the team of north company won the first place and won the champion of men's group and women's group respectively. Friendship first, competition second men's group honor roll

The first team of yao tech company

The second north company team the third group office team

Honor roll for women

The first north company team

The second group representative team

The third representative team of yaoji company






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