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source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-10-12

In the twinkling of an eye to the golden autumn in October, ushered in a multicolored harvest season, yao technology company plant plant individual hawthorn trees, persimmon trees surrounded by bright sunshine, wrapped in the joy of the harvest, drifting out of the charming fragrance, become a bright scenery yao technology. In this season of ripe hawthorn, yaohua group organized more than 50 employees to share the harvest of "garden-style factory" with everyone.


Before formal picking, everyone is divided into 5 groups, each group to a "sit up" first warm-up game, each team will choose between four people, into a circle, back to back sitting on the ground, and then four hand in hand, together to stand up, who finished first who can get more harvest time, fight for time, guys from each according to his ability, quickly into the picking.


In the process of picking, in addition to the time difference, there is a fierce game of tearing brand name interspersed among them. Each have two members in each group member has a famous brand, in the process of picking, should not only guarantee the number of picking, and work together to protect this brand name will not be torn off, more feasible way to do everything off each other's famous brand, because of which group brand was torn off, the picking of hawthorn will be owned by rivals, the noisy, screaming.


You would be wrong to say that the picking game is over. There is also the last item, "hawthorn". We moved to the field, the game time 2 minutes, 10 meters away, the starting point to prepare a pile of hawthorn, the end of the empty barrel, each team in order to take turns to use chopsticks to pick hawthorn, hawthorn in the barrel in 2 minutes the group with the largest number of wins. Refueling sound rang through the whole scene, each group you chase me catch, very lively.


After the game, the staff have said: "this hawthorn picking game big guys are very happy, in the work, the company organized a unified staff picking game, so that everyone can not only get physical, psychological relaxation, more is to feel the company's care for the staff. At the same time, I will devote myself to my work and give back to the company with my actions."



The picking game activity ended successfully, we took the initiative to return with a full load. Not only harvest the sweet and sour delicious hawthorn, but also enhance mutual friendship, enhance the team cohesion.

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