Teachers and students report

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-01-19

April 16 this year, the group held a party committee, the staff training can only be divided into the party work department. In order to carry out this work, the party mass department held a staff training meeting on April 20, each subsidiary in charge of training company leaders and director of the general office attended the meeting. The meeting on the staff training, the establishment of mentoring mechanism, school-enterprise cooperation, the establishment of reserve personnel training system was arranged, required each unit to actively carry out training in all the staff, to establish a mechanism, establish files, determine the training objects, determine the assessment content. Each unit responded positively, the meeting ended immediately after the action, developed the training plan, the training program, selected in the work skills and experienced workers to establish as "master", the young workers were assigned to them as "apprentice" began the training. A total of 40 "master and apprentice couples" were formed. Some of the company leaders, the operation area manager himself, played a model role. For example, wang chunjiang, deputy general manager of hongyao company, took young staff gu qiang, feng jiatiai, manager of the power equipment department of hongyao company, zhang minghui, general manager of honghua company, zhang rongshi, Yang jian, deputy general manager of honghua company, liu jun, etc. These apprentices have made rapid progress. Gu qiang has become an electrical engineer of hongyao company, zhang minghui a mechanical engineer, Yang jian a sales manager of honghua, and liu jun an assistant director of float workshop.

After July 1 this year, 31 more mentoring relationships were formed. The work is now moving forward.

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